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Our Values, Beliefs & Vision

Our Values, Beliefs & Vision

Our Core Values

The Saanich School District has five interrelated core values that provide the foundation for our actions and decisions:

  • Compassion: Being empathetic and helpful
  • Fairness: Being just and equitable
  • Honesty: Being truthful, open and sincere
  • Responsibility: Being transparent, answerable and accountable
  • Respect: Being considerate and receptive

Our Beliefs

The Board of Education, on behalf of and based on consultation with the broader community, is committed to acting on the following beliefs:

  • Public education is fundamental to our democratic society and provides equity and equality of opportunity for all children
  • Public schools have the responsibility to prepare young people to be active, participatory members of the community who contribute to a healthy, diverse, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable society
  • Public education is the responsibility of the whole community. Policy decisions made locally by elected boards of education and provincially by government must reflect the values and aspirations of a democratic society
  • Healthy relationships are the foundation of a successful public education system


Our Vision

Our vision is one of:

  • A society that is inclusive, honouring and respectful
  • A public education system that is responsive, relevant and resourced
  • Education and society that operate in a pervasive partnership
  • Learning experiences that create success for each child and constant learning for all
  • Learning environments that are innovative, and that are built from strength