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Board Policy Handbook

Board Policy Handbook

The Board Policy Handbook highlights and supports the important governance function of the Board. It clearly defines the role of the Board, the role of the Superintendent of Schools and the delegation of authority from the Board to the Superintendent. It includes:

  • Foundational statements which provide guidance and direction for all activities within the District;
  • Directions for how the Board itself is to function as well as how Board committees are to function;
  • Statements as to how appeals and hearings will be conducted;
  • Non-delegable matters such as policy-making and school closures; and,
  • Specific matters which the Board has chosen not to delegate to the Superintendent.

This Board Policy Handbook is supplemented by an Administrative Procedures Manual; the primary written document by which the Superintendent directs staff. The Administrative Procedures Manual must be entirely consistent with this Board Policy Handbook.

Policy 1 – Foundational Statements

Policy 2 – Role of the Board

Policy 3 – Role of the Trustee

Policy 4 – Role of the Board Chair

Policy 5 – Role of the Vice-Chair

Policy 6 – Policy Making and Review

Policy 7 – Board Committees

Policy 8 – Board Representatives

Policy 9 – Board Operations

Policy 10 – Delegation of Authority

Policy 11 – Indemnification

Policy 12 – Trustee Elections

Policy 13 – Trustee Code of Conduct

Policy 14 – Role of Superintendent

Policy 15 – Parent/Guardian Involvement

Policy 16 – Appeals Bylaw

Policy 17 – Public Consultation

Policy 18 – Recruitment & Selection of Personnel

Policy 19 – Accumulated Operating Surplus

Policy 20 – Environmental Sustainability

Policy 21 – Student Transportation

Policy 22 – Disposal of Land and Improvements

Policy 23 – School Closures

Policy 24 – Programs of Choice

Policy 25 – International Student Program

Policy 26 – Online Learning

Policy 27 – Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity

Policy 28 - Core French

Policy 29 - Diversity and Inclusion