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Policy 18 - Appendix A


Educational Leadership

The Saanich School District requires that principals have knowledge and experience appropriate to their school assignment including an understanding of the major components of the educational programs offered in the school to which they are assigned.   The District requires its principals to have a Master’s Degree in an appropriate educational field.

Further, a principal will have demonstrated during their career in education:

  • commitment to supporting the interests of the Board and District;
  • proven examples of a collaborative, consensus seeking leadership style;
  • highly effective and respectful interpersonal, communication and conflict resolution skills;
  • attributes that demonstrate friendliness, good humour, flexibility, enthusiasm, accessibility, forthrightness, openness and honesty;
  • proven record of positive working relationships with students, parents, PACs, employee groups and the broader community;
  • demonstrated understanding and respect for Indigenous learning and learners as well as knowledge of the W̱SÁNEĆ First Nations;
  • demonstrated excellence as a teacher and as an instructional leader at the school and district level;
  • evidenced leadership in the supervision of learning;
  • leadership promoting curriculum and current teaching pedagogy including the use of appropriate educational technology;
  • creation of innovative practices within an inquiry-based teaching and learning environment;
  • have knowledge of and experience with leading initiatives in support of students with special needs;
  • thorough understanding of effective assessment and evaluation practices
  • evidenced leadership of commitment to the value of inclusive schools; and,
  • demonstrated strong parent engagement and community building.

Administrative History

A principal must have demonstrated during their career in education:

  • successful experience in an administrative capacity, preferably as a principal or vice-principal; and,
  • successful experience in implementing innovative strategies to meet the needs of all learners.

Management Skills

A principal will have demonstrated during their career in education:

  • strong organizational and management skills, including financial planning and control;
  • skill in dealing with human resource issues including an understanding and implementation of collective agreement language; and,
  • attributes that demonstrate good judgement in assessing the strengths and needs of a school’s organization and operation; effective leadership during critical incidents and other stressful conditions.





     November 2020