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Complaints & Concerns

Complaints & Concerns

Your Participation

Parents are a critical part of the team which supports student success. Working together as a team is the best way to help ensure we are able to support students in their goals and achievement.


Parent Advisory Councils

Schools in our district have a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) that meets regularly. All parents and guardians are encouraged to attend and participate in the school PAC. Meeting dates are announced in school newsletters and through the school PAC website.

Raising a Concern as a Parent or Student

The Board recognizes that from time to time students, parents or guardians may have questions or concerns regarding the operation of the School District. Any complaints concerning schools, personnel, programs or procedures will be dealt with in a fair, respectful and timely way.

Administrative Procedure 152 – Complaints Regarding Personnel, Programs or Procedures outlines the steps that should be taken to best address the issue at hand. Complaints are usually best dealt with as near to the source of the complaint as possible.

All complaints will be dealt with fairly and respectfully and will be investigated as soon as possible.