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Financial Reporting

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Financiusl Statement Discussion & Analysis 2020 (copy/paste link)

Audited Financial Statements 2019-20 (copy/paste link)

Financial Statement Discussion & Analysis 2019 (copy/paste link)

Audited Financial Statements 201819 (copy/paste link)



Financial Reporting

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The Process of Financial Reporting

Each year prior to June, the Board of Education adopts a preliminary budget for the following fiscal year reflecting forecasted enrolment. Following confirmation of fall enrolment and related funding, the Board of Education then adopts an amended budget before the end of February. Following the end of each fiscal year ending June 30th, actual results for the year are reported in the financial statements, and are independently audited and then approved by the Board of Education before the end of September. The school district prepares a Financial Statement Discussion and Analysis (FSD&A) each year as a supplement to the financial statements to provide additional information and context relevant to understanding the district’s financial performance.

The annual Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) and annual Executive Compensation Report provides additional information and transparency regarding the expenditures of the school district.