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Policy 28


The Board of Education believes that learning the French language, an official language of Canada, enriches students’ lives, enhances their understanding of other cultures and celebrates diversity.  The Board also recognizes the cognitive, social and career benefits of learning French.


The Board commits to offering a K-8 Core French program.


Guiding Principles


1.    The Board believes that students who pursue French as an elective beyond Grade 8 may achieve a high standard of French that will enhance post-secondary opportunities.


2.    Students who do not choose the French Immersion Program will be enrolled in the K-8 Core French Program:


2.1.  For all Kindergarten to Grade 5 students at all district elementary schools, with the main objective of developing basic verbal fluency;

2.2.  For all Grade 6-8 students at all district middle schools, to further develop verbal fluency and introduce written language;

2.3.  As an elective for Grade 9-12 students at all district secondary schools, to advance the skills area of listening, speaking, reading and writing in order to provide a sound working knowledge of French upon graduation; and,

2.4   Some Grade 6-8 students may choose to study SENĆOŦEN in place of or in addition to French.


3.    The Board supports the inclusion of all students in French language programs and expects that students with unique learning needs, including students with Ministry designations, will be supported.


4.    There are a small number of students identified through their Individual Education Plan and/or school based team, who will participate in alternative learning activities designed to support their individualized specific long range goals.



  • Sections 17, 20, 22, 75, 85, 168 School Act
  • AP 201 - Basic Instructional Program
  • AP 214 - French Language Programs


  • November 2021


  • June 2022