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December Moon

December - SJELȻÁSEṈ - Moon of Putting your Paddle Away in the Bush

This moon is the season of strong winds. The weather is unpredictable, making it unsafe to travel. It is time to put the big sea canoes and paddles away. It is time to honour the paddle for carrying one safely all season long. Snow is possible at this time of year. The long house activities start.

The moons are markers, not calendar months. Our “year” was more than 365 days. If you compare moons to the European system you will see that some years have thirteen moons and some have twelve. As well, you will see that sometimes there are 29 days between moons and sometimes 30 days. 

If you think our system is confusing, remember that nature is very complex and it is not easily reduced to a calendar or clock."

From The Saanich Year 

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