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October - The Moon that Turns the Leaves White

October - PEKELÁNEW̱ - The Moon that Turns the Leaves White

This moon marks the end of Summer and the beginning of cooler weather. 

  • The longer, cooler nights can lead to frost on the leaves and the ground in the higher country.
  • Our W̱SÁNEĆ people would begin splitting logs they felled in the Spring for building materials and completing canoes would be Winter work. They would rough out their canoes in the forest and move them to the villages when they were easier to carry.
  • Seals and sea lions were hunted in the San Juan Islands. Cod fishing tapers off towards the end of this moon and grouse hunting ceases.
  • Preparations were made for the Fall deer and elk hunts. 
  • Deer are in a rut and easily fooled - not as cautious as normal.

From The Saanich Year

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