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Administrative Procedure 152



From time to time students or parents may have concerns regarding the operation of the District. 

Student or parent complaints concerning schools, personnel, programs or procedures will be dealt with in a fair, respectful and timely way.


  1. Complaints, questions, or expressions of concern shall be dealt with in confidence and in a manner that reflects mutual respect and fair process.
  2. The best solutions are found as near to the source of the complaint as possible and are to be investigated and resolved as soon as possible.
  3. Complaints will be dealt with in a courteous and constructive manner focusing on resolving the issue and supporting positive relationships.
  4. Complaints related to personnel will be dealt with in ways described in a collective agreement or contract of employment if applicable.
  5. Any complaint not resolved through the processes outlined in this Administrative Procedure may be addressed through Board Policy 16 - Appeals Bylaw if it relates to a decision made by an employee and it significantly affects the health, education or safety of a student.
  6. Complaints specific to child abuse, learning resources or a member of the management team are to be dealt with in accordance with Administrative Procedure 325, Administrative Procedure 252  and Administrative Procedure 451 respectively.
  7. Annually, at the first parent assembly at each school, the Principal shall provide a brief description of this Administrative Procedure and Board Policy 16 - Appeals Bylaw.
  8. Copies of the Board Policy 16 - Appeals Bylaw, including the Notice of Appeal, and this Administrative Procedure shall be readily available at each school office, at the District Office and on District and school websites.
  9. Specific complaint procedures in regard to alleged child abuse can be found in Administrative Procedure 325 - Child Abuse; in regard to complaints regarding the appropriateness of locally evaluated learning materials in Administrative Procedure 252 - Challenge of Learning Resources; and in regard to a member of the management team in Administrative Procedure 451 - Complaints related to a Member of the Management Team.
  10. Complaints not covered by section 4 will be handled in the following manner:
    1. Should the concern be the result of an action or decision of an employee, the complainant is encouraged to discuss the issue with that employee;
    2. If not resolved by the employee the complainant is to involve the appropriate Principal or Supervisor;
    3. Should the Principal or Supervisor not resolve the concern then the complainant is to involve either the Assistant Superintendent, Directors of Instruction or the Secretary-Treasurer;
    4. Should the concern remain unresolved, the Superintendent may be contacted for assistance with process;
    5. At any time the complainant may contact a trustee by phone or direct a letter to the Board Chair for assistance with the process;
    6. If concerns are still not addressed satisfactorily, a complainant may formally appeal a decision to the Board according to Board Policy 16 –Appeals Bylaw.
  11. A complainant has a right to be supported by a person of their choosing throughout a process of complaint resolution.
  12. Personnel against whom complaints are made will be informed of the complaint when appropriate and will have an opportunity to respond.



  • Section 8, 20, 22, 65, 85, 177 School Act
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Board Policy 20


  • November 2020