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Administrative Procedure 351



The District will provide school bus transportation for students who qualify for such service and who agree to abide by the District “Code of Conduct for Bus Students.”


  1. Students are subject to the school code of conduct going to and returning from school.
  2. The Principal shall delegate to the bus driver authority for supervising students on the buses and for reporting matters or incidents to initiate appropriate disciplinary measures.
  3. The bus driver shall use only the bus route that is originally assigned unless otherwise approved.
  4. Bus drivers shall be aware of cultural sensitivity needs of students.
  5. The bus driver shall instruct students on bus safety, enforce safety regulations, and maintain appropriate discipline.
  6. The student must obey instructions or directives promptly.
  7. In addition to the above, when a teacher is travelling on a school bus in an official capacity, that teacher has the responsibility to ensure that standards of behaviour by students are consistent with normal school expectations of conduct.
  8. If a student contravenes the school or bus code of conduct while on a bus, they may be suspended from school bus service.
  9. Students suspended from school bus services are still expected to attend school.
  10. In the event that a student is involved in willful damage to a bus, they may be prohibited from use of the bus at least until restitution is made.
  11. The driver may assign the seat which the student will occupy.
  12. Code of Conduct for bus students:
    1. The standards of conduct on school buses shall reflect the standards expected of students within the school.Students shall refrain from practices which endanger themselves or others and shall show respect for the rights and property of others by:
      1. Remaining properly seated during their entire journey;
      2. Behaving in a quiet and orderly manner both on and off the bus;
      3. Keeping personal possessions on the floor near their feet or in the overhead racks;
      4. Refraining from eating or drinking on the bus;
      5. Not distracting the driver;
      6. Not fighting or using offensive language;
      7. Obtaining permission from the driver prior to opening bus windows.
  13. If a student contravenes the school or bus code of conduct while on a bus, the bus driver may report the incident to the Principal for school level follow-up as necessary. The normal discipline procedure would progress as follows, although a single incident of inexcusable conduct may result in a more serious consequence.
    1. Step 1: The student is warned orally by the driver.
    2. Step 2: The student is warned in writing by the driver. The parents and the Principal are to be informed by the Transportation Manager. Where student or driver safety or damage to the bus is involved, the bus driver may refuse any student access to the bus.
      1. A driver may not put the student off the bus other than at the school or at his or her regular bus stop.
    3. Step 3: The student may be suspended from bus service by the driver for up to three days and/or suspended up to ten days by the Transportation Manager. Telephone contact will be made (confirmed by letter) with parents and the Principal by the Transportation Manager prior to the suspension taking effect.
    4. Step 4: When a bus suspension of more than ten days is recommended by the Transportation Manager, the Principal shall take the following action:
      1. Consult with the driver;
      2. Interview the student and parent(s);
      3. Ensure that parents and students are aware of the District’s appeal procedure.
    5. Step 5: The Principal, in consultation with the Transportation Manager, may revoke busing privileges for the remainder of the year.



  • Section 20, 22, 23, 65, 85 School Act
  • Freedom of information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Human Rights Code
  • Provincial Standards for Codes of Conduct M276/07
  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Canadian Human Rights Act
  • Criminal Code of Canada
  • Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools
  • Provincial Standards for Code of Conduct M276/07


  • November 2020