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Administrative Procedure 356



The District takes very seriously its responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of students, staff and community members who are on District property or who are engaged in or come in contact with, school functions held within the community.

Students under the care and control of the District must not use, possess, be under the influence of and/or distribute alcohol, non-prescriptive drugs or prescription drugs being used in non-prescriptive ways (non-medical drugs). Students must not possess any related materials, equipment or paraphernalia.

The District will not tolerate the use, possession and/or distribution of alcohol or non-prescriptive drugs or associated paraphernalia (including vapourizers).  Students engaged in such use, possession or distribution, or under such influence, will be dealt with according to this Administrative Procedure.


  1. For students to be successful in and beyond school they must be healthy, including being free from the effects or influence of drugs and alcohol.
  2. Substances covered by this Administrative Procedure shall refer to any mood altering substances which include, but are not limited to: alcohol; controlled drugs as defined under the Criminal Code of Canada; unauthorized prescription drugs; and other chemical substances which impair a person’s judgment and ability to participate appropriately in the learning environment established by the school.
  3. Students believed to be using or possessing alcohol or non-medical drugs are to be reported to the Principal.
  4. When a Principal determines that a student was using or in possession of alcohol, non-medical drugs or drug-related paraphernalia (including vapourizers) the Principal will ensure that appropriate support and intervention measures are put in place.
  5. The use of or possession of alcohol, non-medical drugs or drug-related paraphernalia (including vapourizers) may result in removal of the student from school for a period of time to be determined by the Principal.In some cases, the student will be referred to the student review process as outlined in Administrative Procedure 355 – Formal School Suspensions.
  6. The parent of any student involved in the use of or possession of alcohol, non‑medical drugs or drug-related paraphernalia (including vapourizers) will be notified in a timely manner.



  • Sections 6, 7, 8, 17, 20, 22, 26, 65, 79, 85, 177 School Act
  • Liquor Control and Licensing Act


  • November 2020