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Administrative Procedure 357



The District recognizes that the possession or use of any weapon by anyone on or near school premises or at any school function is a serious threat to the safety of students and staff and the school environment.

All school personnel who believe that a threat with weapons exists will take appropriate action in accordance with this Administrative Procedure to ensure the safety of both students and staff.


School Function: Any assembly, meeting or gathering of students including on field trips, under the supervision or direction of the District, representatives of the District, or the teaching or supervisory staff in the course of their duties.


  • Anything that is used, that can be used, or is designed to put someone in fear
  • Anything used or intended for use in causing death or injury to persons whether designed for that purpose or not, or
  • Anything used or intended for use of threatening or intimidating any person, and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, includes any firearm as defined in section 84 of the Criminal Code.


  1. School Codes of Conduct will contain age-appropriately clear language, consistent with this Administrative Procedure, related to the possession or use of weapons.
  2. All school personnel and all students are required to report the threat of or presence of weapons to the Principal.
  3. Anyone who suspects the presence of weapons, or that a threat exists, is expected to report that presence or threat to the Principal.
  4. When a Principal reasonably believes that any person on or near school property or at any school function, without lawful excuse possesses a weapon on their person or in any other place, or uses or intends to use a weapon for the purposes of intimidation, assault or personal protection the Principal shall:
    1. Make all reasonable attempts to minimize the risk of injury to any member of the school community, including initiating lock-down procedures if necessary, and, report the matter to local law enforcement authorities and if appropriate seek their assistance.
  5. After the Principal has ensured the safety of students and staff, they shall:
    1. Make an oral report of the situation to the Superintendent.
    2. Notify the parent of any child involved in the situation.
    3. As soon as is practicable, complete a Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Level One and consult with the Director of Instruction, Diversity and Inclusion.
      1. Every effort is to be made to include appropriate detail, processes and the evidence gathered all of which may be required to support charges.
  6. The District recognizes that the possession of any weapon by a student on or near school property or at any school function is a serious threat to the school environment and to the safety of both students and staff.Therefore, the Principal will normally suspend any student in possession of or utilizing a weapon.
  7. Any cases involving weapons which results in a suspension will follow the provisions of Administrative Procedure 355 - Formal Student Suspensions.The length of suspension is at the discretion of the Principal in accordance with the circumstances and seriousness of the offence.
  8. The provisions of this District Administrative Procedure relating to weapons shall be part of the code of conduct of all District schools.
    1. Every student shall be subject to the code of conduct established for the school while on the school premises, in going to and returning from school, and at all games and functions whenever and wherever held.
  9. In any case where a parent, based on religious grounds, wishes their child to wear at school a religious symbol which falls within the definition of a "weapon", the following process must be followed:
    1. The parent must be directed to obtain official authorization from the District for their child or children to wear such "symbols" at school.
    2. In cases where a student arrives at school with a religious symbol (potential weapon), without official authorization, the Principal will immediately contact the parents and request that;
      1. The religious symbol be surrendered, or
      2. The student return home until official authorization has been obtained from the District.
    3. In cases where any child insists upon wearing a "symbol" without having obtained prior official authorization from the District, the Principal will send the student home, advise the parents of the reasons and request a meeting with the parents.



  • Sections 6, 7, 8, 17, 20, 22, 26, 65, 79, 85 School Act


  • November 2020