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Administrative Procedure 506



The District is committed to ensuring that no student of school age will be denied an educational program due to financial hardship.  Within the fiscal ability of each school and the District, no student is to be denied access to programs, events or field trips that are aligned to and enhance the BC curriculum.


  1. The Principal of each school will establish well known procedures to facilitate the participation of students who would not otherwise be able to participate in a course, class or program which is part of a student’s educational program due to financial hardship.
  2. The procedures must incorporate the principles of fairness, confidentiality and sensitivity, while maintaining family respect and dignity.  Students, parents and staff will be advised of the procedure.
  3. A statement informing parents of the hardship provision will be included on permission forms for trips, events and programs  .The procedure for addressing financial hardship will also be included in the student agendas and parent and staff handbooks.
  4. This Administrative Procedure applies to students of school age, who attend a District school and who are ordinarily residents of British Columbia.
  5. A fee waiver request is not formally required where an activity such as a field trip is of a very low cost (i.e., under $20.).  In these cases parents are still required to give permission for students to participate.Teachers will allow a student to participate if there is financial hardship.




  • Section 20, 22, 65, 82, 82.1, 82.2, 82.3, 82.4, 85 School Act
  • Ministerial Order 236/07 - Board of Education Fees


  • November 2020