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Administrative Procedure 551



The District promotes the use of District property for the purpose of providing child care programs between the hours of 7am and 6pm on business days.


  1. The use of District property by licensed child care providers must not disrupt or otherwise interfere with the provision of educational activities including early learning programs and extracurricular school activities.
  2. Fees for the use of District property by licensees to provide a child care program will not exceed the direct and indirect costs that the District incurs in making District property available for that use.
  3. Child care programs, if operated by the District, will be operated for a fee no greater than the direct costs the District incurs in providing the child care program.
  4. In selecting licensees to operate a child care program, the District will give special consideration to the candidates’ proposals to foster Indigenous reconciliation in child care, and provide inclusive child care.
  5. If the District decides to operate a child care program, the District will ensure that it is operated in a manner that:
    1. Fosters Indigenous reconciliation in child care. In particular, the child care program will be operated consistently with the following principles of the British Columbia Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act: (i) Indigenous peoples have the right, without discrimination, to the improvement of their economic and social conditions, including in the area of education; and (ii) “Indigenous peoples have the right to the dignity and diversity of their cultures, traditions, histories and aspirations which shall be appropriately reflected in education”; and
    2. Is inclusive and consistent with the principles of non-discrimination set out in the British Columbia Human Rights Code.
  6. Any contract with a licensee to provide a child care program on District property must be in writing and subject to review no less than every 5 years. The contract must contain:
    1. a description of the costs for which the licensee is responsible;
    2. an agreement by the licensee to comply with Board policy and District procedure;
    3. a provision describing how the agreement can be terminated by the District or the licensee;
    4. an allocation of responsibility to ensure adequate insurance is in place to protect the interests of the Board;
    5. a statement that the agreement can only be amended in writing, signed by the District and the licensee;
    6. a requirement for the licensee to maintain appropriate standards of performance including the expectation that the program fosters Indigenous reconciliation in child care; and provides inclusive child care. Saanich School District No. 63 April 2020 Administrative Procedures Manual
    7. a requirement that the licensee must at all times maintain the required license to operate a child care facility.
  7. Prior to entering into or renewing a contract with a licensee to provide a child care program on board property, the District will consider:
    1. whether it is preferable for the District to become a licensee and operate a child care program directly;
    2. the availability of District staff to provide before and after school care; and
    3. whether, with respect to a licensee seeking renewal or extension of a contract, the licensee has performed its obligations under Board policy, District procedure, and its contract with the District, with specific regard to performance in respect of providing an inclusive child care program and one that promotes indigenous reconciliation in child care.



  • School Act, Sections 85.1 to 85.4
  • Ministerial Order M326 (Child Care Order)
  • Policy 2 (Role of the Board)


  • April 2021