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Administrative Procedure 561



Transportation for students with unique needs is to be provided where possible balancing the needs of the student with the requirement to safely transport all students to school. Requests for the transportation of a students with unique needs shall be considered on the individual circumstances of the student and the collective circumstances of the bus and bus route the students with unique needs rides.


  1. Students with unique needs that are mobile and exhibit a high level of self control may be transported on the same basis as other students.
  2. Students with unique needs that are not mobile or do not exhibit a high level of self control may be transported to and from school provided that:
    1. The Director of Instruction, Diversity and Inclusion is responsible for considering specific modifications that may be required to address the unique needs of the student.
    2. The bus driver, parents, Principal and, where appropriate, the educational assistant will keep an open line of communication regarding the needs and progress of the student.
    3. Where the student is secured through a harness or locking mechanism (as in the case of a wheelchair) that appropriate arrangements be made by the bus driver to release the student and assist them to safety in the case of an emergency.



  • Sections 22, 23, 65, 85 School Act
  • Board Policy 21


  • November 2020