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Administrative Procedure 562



There are school field trips or travel to curricular and extra curricular events where the lease or rental of a passenger van/school bus is the most efficient and effective means to transport students.

The District encourages and supports student participation in curricular and extra curricular field trips that enhance or expand the student’s experience.  The District recognizes that the use of leased or rented passenger van/school buses may be the best means to transport students but their use comes with some inherent risk.  The safety of students is of the highest importance and the District has therefore established safety standards and procedures which are to be strictly adhered to.


  1. Passenger vans/school buses (leased or rented) shall have the following safety standards and procedures:
    1. Passenger vans are limited to 10 passengers.  Long term leases must be retrofitted to a maximum of 10 passenger capacity.  Short term rentals must be limited to only 10 passengers sitting in front of the rear axle.
    2. School van/school buses with a seating capacity of 10 persons or more, including the driver, shall be equipped with a first aid kid, a dry powder fire extinguisher, an axe and spare tire.  All equipment must be properly secured.
  2. Passenger van/school bus drivers must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license as per all rules and regulations of BC. The District, as per the National Safety Code, must have a current driver’s abstract on file, and the driver must have taken an orientation provided by the Manager of Transportation within the last three years. The driver’s license must be appropriate for the size of the vehicle being used:
    1. Class 5 – seating capacity of not more than 10 passengers including the driver;
    2. Class 4 – seating capacity of not more than 25 including the driver;
    3. Class 2 – more than 25 passengers.
  3. Passenger van/school bus drivers are responsible to:
    1. Ensure that all passengers wear seat belts (where equipped);
    2. Ensure that children under the age of 13 are not transported in a front passenger seat equipped with an air bag;
    3. Ensure that there are no more than 10 passengers in the van and that all passengers are sitting in front of the rear axle;
    4. Ensure that no cargo is placed on the roof of the van;
    5. Ensure that riders receive instructions on the safest methods for loading and unloading;
    6. Ensure that riders are advised of required conduct with respect to seating (i.e., use of seat belts) and behaviours while travelling in the vehicle;
    7. Ensure that when a passenger van/school bus is damaged, becomes defective or malfunctions, drivers remove the vehicle from the roadway in as safe a manner as possible;
    8. Adhere to the Motor Vehicle Act and its Regulations;
    9. In the case of bad weather, check with police and/or highway authorities with respect to driving conditions and, in making the decision as to whether to proceed with the trip or not, decide on the side of caution;
    10. Ensure that they do not drive when feeling fatigued.
    11. Ensure that, as per the Motor Vehicle Act, no passengers are in a van/school bus while it is being re-fuelled.
  4. Long term leases of passenger vans/school buses are to be arranged through the Transportation Manager in the name of the District.
    1. The Transportation Manager will arrange all maintenance for the passenger vehicle.
  5. Insurance for the leased vehicles will be maintained through the District’s fleet vehicle policy.
  6. A passenger list will be prepared in advance of any trip, one copy to be kept by the Principal and another to be kept by the teacher in charge on the trip.  In addition to the list of passenger names, it must contain the telephone number of the Principal.
  7. If an accident occurs, local police shall be called in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act. The driver will immediately inform and provide details of the incident to the Principal, who in turn will inform the Superintendent who may in turn inform the trustees.
  8. The Secretary Treasurer shall initiate the Accident Investigation in accordance to Administrative Procedure 568 – School Bus Accident.



  • Sections 22, 23, 65, 85 School Act
  • Motor Vehicle Act
  • National Safety Code
  • AP 260 (Field Trips)


  • November 2020