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Child's painting winter scene

A Seasonal Message to Parents/Guardians from the Superintendent (Dec 14 2023)

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Thank you for your continuing support as you are an important partner in your child’s educational experience.  As a school system, the success of our students is directly dependent on that partnership between the school and home.  So, thank you for all that you do to help make us stronger and better!

As with any school year, this year has already had its share of big announcements. Throughout the province there have been events that transformed the educational landscape. Here are a few of them:

  • The devastating summer wildfires prevented many in our province from being in their homes and communities for the start of the school year;
  • The transition of the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Education and Child Care continued with a growing focus on child-care spaces within school districts. Our newest centre, the ŚEŚIŚEJ Childcare Centre, is set to open in early 2024 with 84 new spaces;
  • The province’s new Feeding Futures fund came into effect this fall. Our district has already engaged in a broad consultation on what may work best for each school. Plans continue to be modified based on this feedback;
  • The BC K-12 Student Reporting Policy final roll-out occurred this September resulting in all school districts using the provincial proficiency scale for student reporting in Grades K-9;

These are just a few of the many impacts and changes from the outside. From inside the district, the Board’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan continues to be the focal point for growth and improvement in our schools and district, where we use it as a critical lens in discussions, collaboration and decisions.

As the time approaches when we close our schools for a few days so that everyone can find a bit of personal time – to be with family or friends, see a movie or perhaps read that book that’s been on your bedside table for the past 5 months – my hope for all of the Saanich Schools families is that this season brings you a sense of calm and rejuvenation. My most recent blog post (‘TIS THE SEASON FOR HOPE – TAKE 2) is my second entry on the importance of the ‘season of light’ where we find renewal in the cultural diversity around us. When the world seems to be more ‘anti-something or anti-someone’ it’s important to remember how much richer we are because of our diversity. Taking the time to understand one another builds bridges to a better community.

I hope that you might find 3-4 minutes to read my most recent post: ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR HOPE – TAKE 2

Wishing you all a wonderful upcoming holiday and a successful 2024.


Dave Eberwein