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SOGI 123 in Education

The Confederation of Parents Advisory Council of Saanich (COPACS) and the Saanich School District recently hosted a virtual information session with speakers from SOGI 123 and LGBTQ Corporate Training.  The purpose of the presentations was to explain the role of SOGI 123 in education and provide guidance on being a supportive ally in schools and the community.  This session was very well attended covering topics such as: understanding SOGI, creating a community of allies, 2SLGBTQ+ "101", what to say/what not to say, understanding anti-SOGI pushback, and supporting 2SLGBTQ+youth.  This LINK is a recording of the presentation available to view until the end of June 2024.  In addition, here are two document links about SOGI and Allyship which may be helpful resources.