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Updated Health Order & New District Website

Dear Parents/Guardians,
I have two topics to share with you today:  Update on the provincial health order for public schools & our new School District website.
As you are likely aware, on March 10th Dr. Henry (PHO) provided an update to her health order on mask usage in the community.  In particular, there were updates for the general community as well as specifics for the K-12 education system.  With regards to K-12 public schools, mask use for both staff and students will become optional beginning the first day of Spring Break (March 19th).  Mask use will also optional on schools buses and other areas or activities in our schools.  This means that mask usage remains in effect for Saanich Schools up to and including March 18th.
Staff and students may choose to wear a mask once we return from Spring Break as it will be a personal choice to do so.  A decision to wear a mask will be respected.
We anticipate future announcements (likely on April 7th) from the PHO on a few topics, including:

  • The potential removal of vaccine passports in the community;
  • 100% audience capacity at various education events including graduation ceremonies;
  • Reduced limitations to field trips which currently require vaccine passports.

Saanich Schools provide outstanding opportunities for students … and we thought that needed to be celebrated in a better way.  So, we’ve spent over a year completely reimagining our district website to capture the spirit of what makes Saanich Schools great!

  • A website design that is intuitive, engaging and interactive
  • A simplified user-focused navigation that is crisp, clean and modern
  • Bright photos and video images of our students, staff, schools and community
  • Brand new pages with easy to use search features

I also want to wish everyone a wonderful Spring Break of relaxation and rejuvenation.  Enjoy the two week break from March 19th to April 3rd.  
Dave Eberwein
Superintendent & CEO, Saanich Schools